Event Recap: Eileen Myles in conversation with Sarah Mangle

October has been kind to us this year with a stunning line-up of events at Librairie D+Q. Unforgettable among them was the night we had one of our literary heroes, Eileen Myles read at the shop! She was here to share the re-edition of her autobiographical novel, Chelsea Girls, and a new collection of poetry, I Must Be Living Twice. The store was packed well before the event got underway, to no one's surprise!

After Helen, our own D+Q bookseller gave an introduction, local artist and writer Sarah Mangle (she curated our author shelf in August) joined Eileen on stage for conversation and Q+A. To our delight, Eileen read us some of her greatest hits from the 70s, the 90s, and her most recent work. Once a baby of the open mics of 1970s New York, Eileen is now surely an inspiration to many aspiring poets and poetic performers. Her reading was easy and full of charm. It's no surprise she says it's her favorite part of the whole process—to live in the language.

After reading a whole lot of sad heartbreak poems, Eileen promised us that it's possible to write in joy and transition too. In her experience of life, it's hard, hard, hard, hard—then easy! Eileen and Sarah talked about changes in the publishing industry and in Eileen's writing. The road gets narrower as you go, like her diminishing lines. As she gets older, they become more refined. She described the process of selection for her latest collection of poems as a haptic and tactile, like assembling textures.

It was an amazing intimate evening full of insight. You will find many Eileen Myles titles here at the store, including Chelsea Girls and I Must Be Living Twice!

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