New and Notable: 3 new zines

Bio-Whale - Ville Kallio
The latest from Swedish riso studio Peow! is this cyber punk comic by Helsinki based artist Ville Kallio. "WE ARE BIO-WHALE: The anthropocene is our supertemporal hell".

Paranoia, parasite imperialism and bad dreams abound in this two part sci-fi story, plus an interview with  the creator.

3 new zines, from right - left: / drawings 2015, the twelve lies for seeing (hi ugly), and / portraits 2015 - Connor Willumsen
Three self published books of drawings and notes from Montrealer Connor Willumsen.

the twelve lies for seeing (hi ugly) collects minimal word arrangements on digital notepads interspersed with loose drawings: "bad credentials/searching for proverbs online/trivial mass/favourite dog quotes".

pure shores - Jaakko Pallasvuo
This comes from London based graphic arts publisher Landfill Editions (Mould Map) and Finnish artist  Jaakko Pallasvuo

In pure shores a disillusioned author of a successful supernatural young adult series grapples with life's tough questions on New Year's Eve..."Have I ever been in love?", "Did I find success too easily?" when he meets a handsome stranger...

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