New and notable: The Pickle Index by Eli Horowitz

The Pickle Index, the new novel by California writer Eli Horowitz (The New World, The Silent History) is an unconventional puzzler that is at once a paperback, a two-volume hardcover set, and an app.

Pictured above is the paperback element of the whole project. The hardcover set is on its way. As explained in Wired this week, the two books tell the same story, but from different perspectives, using different methods and illustrations. The app, according to the same article, "is the most inspired aspect of the storytelling experience." Meant to represent a fictional app created by a dysfunctional government to share pickle recipes. You are meant to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out, thereby immersing yourself in the strange and convoluted world of The Pickle Index.

NPR calls the work "a fun, strange romp", and Miranda July asserts that it is "rowdy and sweaty and heartbreaking." Nothing like a whole lot of weirdness to get you through the beginning of winter, I say!

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