New and Notable: Stoner - The 50th Anniversary Edition!

We love NYRB so much, and here's another reason why, a beautiful new 50th anniversary edition of John Williams' cult classic novel STONER.

“One of the great unheralded 20th-century American novels …Almost perfect.” —Bret Easton Ellis

“The most beautiful book in the world.” —Emma Straub

William Stoner is a poor farmer's son who abandons his university studies in agriculture when he's challenged by his English Literature professor during an in-class discussion and switches majors to that field of study instead. Stoner eventually becomes an assistant professor at the university, a job he keeps for the rest of his life and, in his middle age, endures personal and professional attacks that causes him to confront his life choices and identity. 

The New Yorker called it The Greatest American Novel You’ve Never Heard Of.

The New York Times said You Should Seriously Read 'Stoner' Right Now

If you have not yet dug into Stoner, now might be the time as this edition is a gorgeous hard cover which includes previously unpublished correspondence between Williams and his agent about the book. Looking forward to seeing you!

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