Re-Cap: Our Roxane Gay event!

Well, if you were there, you know it was an incredible evening. What an honour to be able to host Roxane Gay, the author of two of the store's favourite books: Bad Feminist and An Untamed State and witness such an amazing, engaging discussion in a beautiful venue to a completely sold out and adoring crowd: a rousing success!

Following introductions from D+Q publisher Peggy Burns and Rachel Zellars—founder of Montreal's Third Eye Collective—Roxane and Rachel sat down and got down to what turned out to be one the most interesting and inspiring back and forths I'd witnessed during my tenure as events director for the Librairie D+Q.

The evening began with a a discussion on Roxane's recent New York Times article about Sandra Bland, which she explained she felt compelled to write in an attempt to make sense of such a senseless tragedy.

The rest of the evening's topics included: the difference between being a critic and being a hater; parsing the beauty standard in the Sweet Valley High series; the importance of mentoring with specific attention to women of colour in the writing community; writing about Haiti while being part of the diaspora; trigger warnings and trauma; her surprise at the success of Bad Feminist as "it's just me and my thoughts"; celebrity (with a special aside regarding new PM Justin Trudeau, whom she said she was "going to objectify the shit out of"); and her next book, which she's currently working on: Hunger, due out in 2016.

After the discussion and Q&A, Roxane ably handled the very long line-up of fans, taking  time with each one of them (and someone even made Bad Feminist cookies!).

Here's to hoping Roxane returns soon (oh, yes, I asked). Thanks to Rachel Zellars and Sina Queyras of Concordia's Writers Read, to McGill's Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies. Carrie Rentschler and the Dawson Scholar of Feminist Media Studies, Alanna Thain, Jonathan Sterne of the James McGill Chair in Culture and Technology, and Iain Blair for all their help in making this night a reality. And thank you once again, you beautiful Montreal bad feminists for coming out in such great numbers. See you again soon!

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