Tonight: Teri Vlassopoulos launches Escape Plans!

Exciting! Join us tonight at 7:00 p.m when Teri Vlassopoulos returns to her former home of Montreal to launch her new novel, Escape Plans (Invisible Publishing). She will be joined by writers Lesley Trites (Echoic Mimic) and Saleema Nawaz (Bone and Bread). The event will be hosted by our old friend Ian McGillis of The Montreal Gazette!


Teri Vlassopoulos is the author of the short story collection, Bats or Swallows (2010), and a new novel, Escape Plans (2015). Her fiction has appeared in Room Magazine, Joyland, Little Fiction, and various other North American journals. She is the cookbook columnist for Bookslut, and has had non-fiction published at The Toast, The Millions and the Rumpus. She can be found at or @terki. She lives in Toronto.

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