For mail-order or at Librairie D+Q: Signed Copies of Gloria Steinem's Latest!

Our event on December 1st was the only Canadian book store signing by  famed feminist icon Gloria Steinem. Couldn't make it because you don't live in Montreal? We got you covered: Ms. Steinem graciously agreed to sign enough books for us to be able to offer copies to fans not in the immediate vicinity. Don't miss out on a chance to own a limited, signed edition of MY LIFE ON THE ROAD.

Buy a copy here! or pop by the store at 211 Bernard O. We're open 10am until 9pm every single day! Get one while they last!


My Life on the Road **is not your typical memoir. Steinem has stressed that she wrote it as a road book, rather than a memoir, because the road—and road literature—has long been the domain of men. Women are not encouraged to spend years on the road—but they should be! Her accounts of learning about social activism from women in India, working as a journalist in the 1960s, founding Ms. magazine, and traveling to the 1977 National Women's Conference provide many sources for inspiration. Above all, Steinem offers a candid and warm account of her life as a traveler, listener, and catalyst for change.

“My Life on the Road, Ms. Steinem’s first book in more than twenty years, is a warmly companionable look back at nearly five decades as itinerant feminist organizer and standard-bearer. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to sit down with Ms. Steinem for a casual dinner, this disarmingly intimate book gives a pretty good idea, mixing hard-won pragmatic lessons with more inspirational insights.”—The New York Times

“In person and in her writing, Steinem exudes a rare combination of calm, humility and honesty about her weaknesses that explains all she has accomplished.”—Jezebel

“Rarely do women have the opportunity to travel as Steinem has done—living a life full of radical adventure. Everywhere she goes, she carries with her the vitality of democracy, of freedom for women and men, and her profound love of justice. Now she offers us the good fortune of journeying with her. My Life on the Road is an inspiring work, a call for action. Steinem shares her life as a global freedom fighter, inviting readers to continue the journey—and the struggle.”—bell hooks

“Countless times, I had to put Gloria Steinem’s new book down and allow an explosive truth she had just revealed to roll through me. And they all arrived—page after page—in the most personal, unexpected ways. I won’t be the same person after having read My Life on the Road.”—Jane Fonda

“Like Steinem herself, [My Life on the Road] is thoughtful and astonishingly humble. It is also filled with a sense of the momentous while offering deeply personal insights into what shaped her.”—O: The Oprah Magazine

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