New and Notable: Marguerite's Christmas

Originally published in French as Le Noël de Marguerite by Les Éditions de la Pastèque, Marguerite's Christmas came out this year with Enchanted Lion Books.

Written by India Desjardins and illustrated by Pascal Blanchet, the beautiful picture book also won the Ragazzi Prize, which is the most prestigious kid's book award.

For readers aged 6 to 10, Marguerite's Christmas tells the story of a solitary old woman, whose husband died completely senile. The luminous and retro-styled illustrations brilliantly convey a feeling of solitude, as Marguerite misses for the first time the Midnight Mass and looks forward to spending Christmas alone, watching TV.

While her world slowly disintegrates, Marguerite's loneliness still glows, as snow sometimes sparkles. When Marguerite hears faint voices coming from the outside, she first think a family of criminals is planning to rob her. But what if she is mistaken?

The bittersweet story is poignant and differs pleasantly from usual Christmas-themed picture books.

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