New and Notable: š!#23 anthology + kuš!'s graphic novel debut - featuring Roman Muradov!

Finally! The newest š! anthology - #23 "Redrawing Stories from the Past" - is here along with the exciting debut long form comic from kuš! - "The End of a Fence" - by Roman Muradov.

This issue of š! features stories about victims of National Socialism based on researched incidents and biographies. Unseen, forgotten or marginalised stories from our collective memory are told by five European artists in a timely effort to help us better understand our present.

The comics are followed by an essay by Ole Frahm who has written about the history and aesthetics of comics and especially, the representation of the Holocaust in graphic novels. Redrawing Stories from the Past features the work of Mārtiņš Zutis, Max Baitinger, Paula Bulling, Vuk Palibrk, and Zosia Dzierżawska.

For their first long form book, kuš! published a beautiful work by Roman Muradov! (You may be familiar with his first graphic novella, (In a Sense) Lost and Found out on Nobrow.) Muradov's dystopic comic imagines a universe in which people are segregated by OkCupidish algorithms into ghettos of compatibility..."what if we agreed on everything from haircuts to philosophy?" In an era when personalized searches and news streams generate a filter bubble, this ethereal account is an extremely astute, darkly funny take on contemporary culture.

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