Re-cap: Our Gloria Steinem event!

Remember that time we hosted legendary feminist icon Gloria Steinem?? It's likely you do, since it was just last week and it seemed like pretty much everyone was there.

But just in case you couldn't make it (and hopefully, if you weren't you were able to watch the CBC live feed) let's just say this: it was a pretty awe-inspiring evening at one of our favoured venues, the beautiful Rialto Theatre in Mile End.

Joining Gloria on stage in conversation was the wonderful Jeanette Kelly, of CBC's Cinq à Six program.

Gloria's newest book, MY LIFE ON THE ROAD, is about her travels and formative years in India. There, she learned about feminist action and organizing from Indian women activists, who taught her how the patriarchal control of reproduction enabled the continuation of the caste system and other systems of power.

Steinem assured the young women in the audience that they shouldn't think they have to be successful in their careers by 30 or 35 since statistically they will, it is assumed, live longer than the current generation. She also let everyone know that being in her eighties is “fan-fucking-tastic!"

The Q&A that followed the discussion was as interesting as the conversation itself. Gloria was warm and humble and the questions were especially thoughtful. One highlight was when a First Nations woman from the west coast recalled someone giving her one of Steinem’s books as a young woman. She found the book invaluable in raising her daughter and so, as a gift, she sang a song to Gloria in her mother tongue. It was a poignant and beautiful conclusion to an incredible evening.

Before she left the stage, Gloria implored us to introduce ourselves to one another and make a new friend. I witnessed many doing just that on their way out!

This was the only bookstore event in Canada for Gloria and so she signed enough books for us to be able to offer them to you. Follow this link to order your copy, and we will ship it to you...

Thank you to Sheila Kay from Penguin/Random House for her invaluable help with the event and  to Jeanette Kelly for her research and terrific questions. Thanks to Frank Opolko for producing our first live feed event! And, of course a  huge thanks to Gloria Steinem for continuing to inspire and thanks to all of you, our book-loving community. Love.

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