Event recap: Chris Oliveros launches The Envelope Manufacturer

On Thursday, January 14 we were extremely pleased to welcome Drawn & Quarterly founder Chris Oliveros to the store to launch his first book, The Envelope Manufacturer!

Chris was introduced by Peggy Burns, Drawn & Quarterly's publisher, who kicked off the evening by reading a telegram from DQ cartoonist Adrian Tomine. Tomine, who has spent his entire career at Drawn & Quarterly, sent a his heartfelt wishes to his "chief," congratulating him on a "beautiful, inspiring book... Wish I could be there."

Next up was DQ's Pascal Girard (author of Petty Theft), who took the stage to talk about Chris's influence, his art, and his little hand wave/head bob that is apparently particular to cartoonists.

Working on The Envelope Manufacturer for, by his own estimation, "way too long," Chris originally published the first issue 1998.

But the book is only the latest evidence of a lifetime of love for comics. Growing up with a brother who was similarly captivated by comics (their shared collection boasted such titles as "Superman vs. Mohammed Ali"), it was clear that comics were always going to play a huge part in Chris's life—he even drew up a contract with his brother outlining how they would eventually split up their comics.

Chris moved to New York for art school before coming back to Montreal and starting a magazine called Core. This led to the Drawn & Quarterly comics anthology, in which two issues of The Envelope Manufacturer were published. Eventually, and despite his progress, Chris decided to go back and redo the whole project, basically from scratch.

Inspired by Anne Cleveland, Doug Wright, and Yoshiharu Tsuge, among many others, Chris based the graphic novel on a chance encounter with a real life envelope manufacturer, a small business owner down on his luck.

The store was packed with friends and fans for the presentation and signing, and a big thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate!

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