New and Notable: Night Pong zines!

We just received two incredible zines from Seattle based collective Night Pong! Asian Avant Garde Issue 1: Performance Artists and Influential Women in Early Electronic Music. Both offer graphic cultural histories of two of my favourite worlds: performance art and electronic music!

Influential Women in Early Electronic Music is full of short essays on female composers from Delia Derbyshire to Wendy Carlos, Ikue Mori, Clara Rockmore, Pamela Z, Laurie Spiegel and more! It details some of the important technological innovations made in the field in really nice colours giving this object a great feel. Plus, it comes with a CD-R sampler!

Issue 1 of Asian Avant Garde (and I can't wait for Issue 2) is the performance art edition. Its pages are filled with delicate illustrations of pioneering artists and descriptions of their work. You will learn about Bhupen Khakhar, Ma Liuming, Cang Xin, Tehching Hsieh and more. It also includes something everyone surely wants in their life - performance art stickers. Thank-you Night Pong.

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