New D+Q: Beverly, Nick Drnaso's debut graphic novel

Nick Drnaso’s exciting debut graphic novel is out today!

Beverly reads like a brilliant collection of short stories, with a realistic and minimalist style. The book delves into the suburban American psyche, which is at times violent, mundane or sterile.

Minimalist in its economy of details, the collection is brilliantly illustrated, with a style that reminds me of Chris Ware. Sordid sexual anxieties or social insecurities are here contained within clear lines. Yet, the infamous ligne claire’s regularity is challenged by the themes at the heart of each stories, repressed emotions and weird fantasies.

Wether it’s a highschool party of a family holiday, Drnaso’s world is always grim and…drawn in pastel colors, milky and desaturated.

I LOVED the pinks, mauves and baby blues!!! The use of colors definitely added a touch of surreal to Drnaso’s cast of characters. Punctuated by moments of meaningful silence, Beverly is not only brilliant but also funny, in a dark humorous way! If you dare, jump in the family’s van and feel aroused looking at the highway billboards signs. Welcome to Beverly!

Don’t miss out on the book club, which will be held on Wednesday February 10th, 7 :00 p.m, hosted by D+Q Managing Editor Tracy Hurren.

We offer you a 20% discount on Beverly from now until the meeting date

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