Recap: André Alexis launch of Fifteen Dogs

This past Friday 2015 Scotiabank Giller Prize winner André Alexis joined us at the Librairie for a reading of his latest book, Fifteen Dogs, and a conversation with Gail Scott

André reading from the first pages of his book to a fully attentive full house. He introduces the Toronto-set apologue's cast of canine characters, who are given human consciousness and language following a bet between the gods Hermes and Apollo. 

André chats with Gail about the book, then answers questions from the audience. He speaks a bit about his inspiration for the book (one of five ideas that came to him all at once): he tells us about months spent living alone with a pack of sled dogs; he relates some of the literary classics that inspired him and reveals traces of them echoed in his work. 

And we found out that it was André's birthday! So we presented him with a cupcake (inside a box), pictured here balancing on his iPad. 

Special thanks to Gail Scott for including this event in her reader series, and to co-sponsors UdeM (Études Anglaises department) and the Canada Council for the Arts. And thank you Coach House Books, for publishing this awesome book!

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