TONIGHT! Brian Chippendale, Michael DeForge, and Nick Drnaso Launch their newest D+Q books!

Good things - scratch that - amazing things come in threes this February when a trio of the best cartoonists working in comics today launch their newest D+Q books at the Librairie tonight Wednesday, February 17th at 7pm!

PUKE FORCE, cartoonist and Lightning Bolt drummer Chippendale's debut with Drawn & Quarterly, is a dark and dense social satire that comments on social media narcissism, the malice of the right, and the hypocrisies of the left.

Chippendale's... obsessively detailed [comics] feel like [they've] been shot straight from his brain onto the page. —Village Voice

Michael DeForge's BIG KIDS is a coming-of-age tale about the transformative years of high school. 

Eerie and perfectly paced, DeForge's Big Kids muses on the complicated, and often contradictory, feelings people struggle with during adolescence, the choices we make to fit in, and the ways we survive times of change. Like Ant Colony and First Year Healthy, Big Kids is a testimony to the harshness and beauty of being alive.

Nick Drnaso’s first book for D+Q, BEVERLY, delves into the barely repressed anxieties and obsessions of suburban teens.

Beverly’s chilled windowpane views into the fogged American psyche are not cartoon copies of film or literature. They’re something completely new.  - Chris Ware

Truly, truly, this is not an evening to be missed. Get your head twisted and your mind bent down at the li'l bookstore that could!

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