Tonight! Sonja Larsen launches Red Star Tattoo

Join us tonight at 7 p.m. for the launch of Sonja Larsen's hotly-tipped new memoir RED STAR TATTOO!

From hardscrabble Milwaukee to dreamy Hawaii, from turbulent Montreal to free-spirited California, Red Star Tattoo is Sonja Larsen's unforgettable memoir of a young life spent on the move. By the age of 16, Sonja joins a cult-like communist organization in Brooklyn--unaware of the dark nature of what awaits her.

Red Star Tattoo is a harrowing, engrossing memoir about coming of age in a cult, told from the point of view of a socially conscious teenager led to believe that armed revolution will topple capitalism in the United States. In sparse, elegant prose, Red Star Tattoo beautifully maps a young girl’s quest for meaning, belonging, and, ultimately, independence.

—Carmen Aguirre, author of Something Fierce and Mexican Hooker #1

Joining Sonja on this evening of readings will be CARMEN JOY KING, BRIAN O'NEILL, and CARMEN PINTEA.

facebook event here.

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