Amiri Baraka's S O S Poems 1961-2013

Our list of recommendations to celebrate Black History Month keeps on growing: see part one here, and part two here. Here's another title to add to your February reading list! Highly praised by store favourite Claudia Rankine in this New York Times book review, this retrospective of the poems of American writer Amiri Baraka spans his career and encapsulates much of his radical, revolutionary work. From his beginnings with the Beats and the Black Mountain Group, through his years as a leader in the cultural arm of Black Power movement, right up until his passing in 2014, Baraka remained a prolific poet. At times a controversial figure, his work, vehemently political while viscerally personal, is as iconic as it is powerful. Focused on the lives of Black and working class people, Baraka's poems gave voice to experiences not often showcased in the mainstream. For a comprehensive overview of Baraka's decade-spanning career trajectory, look no further than S O S Poems 1961 - 2013

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