TONIGHT! Friday, April 1st, 7pm: Signal and Esplanade's Spring Poetry Launch!

TONIGHT, Friday, April 1, you're invited to join the Signal and Esplanade spring titles’ launch at Librairie D+Q!

The evening will be hosted by Dimitri Nasrallah, editor of Esplanade Books [fiction imprint at Vehicule Press] and by Carmine Starnino, the poetry editor of Signal Editions [ poetry imprint at Vehicule Press].

Authors launching their works will be Geneviève Pettersen, Neil Smith, Lydia Perović, Michael Prior and Vincent Colistro. There will be readings, signings, literary chatter and...psst... wine!

THE GODDESS OF FIREFLIES by by Geneviève Pettersen and translated by Neil Smith.

"Geneviève Pettersen has assembled a narrator who will pull you, willing or not, through her swaggering, fumbling coming of age [...] her story will resonate deeply with those of us who grew up in the 90s of Cobain, cocaine, and 18-hole Doc Martens, but it's a universal tale too: the raw scramble of a young woman on the brink."
- Anna Leventhal, author of Sweet Affliction

Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, the hotly tipped Québécois director behind Inch-Allah (2012), is currently adapting the story of 14-year-old Catherine, whose life is  made up of punk rock, skaters, shoplifting, drugs, and the ghost of Kurt Cobain, to film  Now Esplanade Books is honored to present The Goddess of Fireflies to English readers for the first time in a powerful translation from award-winning novelist Neil Smith, author of Boo and Bang Crunch.

ALL THAT SANG by Lydia Perović

A visceral tale of obsession and creativity, unrequited passions and the power of music. A love story in which art is a foil to companionship, and the intellect an interlocutor of the heart.

“This kaleidoscopic love story – told from many angles in elegant, crystalline prose – creates a world that holds the reader skillfully in between. Between Toronto and Paris, music and listening, lust and loss. Unrequited and erotic, All That Sang is a story of longing beautifully sent to us in the manner that only true longing can convey.’ 
–Jacob Wren, author of Polyamorous Love Song

MODEL DISCIPLE by Michael Prior

A mesmerizing and moving first collection, It’s also one of the most commanding poetic debuts in years. Model Disciple gives us a poetry of two minds. Confounded by Japanese-Canadian legacies too painful to fully embrace, Michael Prior’s split speakers struggle to understand themselves as they submit to their reinvention.

"Model Disciple comes alive in its beautiful precision of detail, defamiliarizing language, resonant music, and deep intimacy. These poems are lyrical accounts of the natural world intersecting with the manmade. They are viscerally present, and felt, written to illuminate and endure."
—Hannah Sanghee Park, author of The Same-Different

LATE VICTORIANS by Vincent Colistro

Colistro’s debut, is a beguilingly irreverent investigation of the life he was “born into.” Hyper-fluent, riding wave after wave of copious invention, Colistro builds his weirdness from scratch, turning simple ideas into sense-resisting parables full of deranged twists and dizzying embellishments. Wily, witty and packed with brilliant sleights of hand, The Late Victorians announces an original talent.

“Dashing and brilliant, Vincent Colistro's Late Victorians is an unforgettable book of poetry about leaving youth behind to assemble a complete, fortified rhetoric full of catchy riffs and hilarious, precise revelations.”

–David McGimpsey, author of Asbestos Heights

As you can see, there will be quite an amazing display of talent at 211 Bernard on this night. Get in on the ground floor, listen and then tell. These books are going to be some the ones we'll be talking about the rest of the year. Hope to see you!!

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