New and Notable: Amulet #7 by Kazu Kibuishi

We've recently received the newest volume in Kazu Kibuishi's highly acclaimed Amulet series, perfect for 8-12 year olds, and much older readers as well!

The Amulet saga starts when Emily and Navin's mother moves them to their great-grandfather's old home. The mysterious house quickly steals the children's mother from them, and in trying to find her, the siblings stumble into an underground world populated by demons, robots, and talking animals. Emily, as Stonekeeper, must now protect this strange new world, but the adventure is only starting.

In this new installment, Emily and her allies travel to Algos Island, a place that grants access to lost memories. There they hope to use the childhood of Trellis, the Elf King's son and their newest ally, against the wicked king. Trellis's memories may be the key to victory, but in the meantime Emily's amulet grows stronger, more dangerous...

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