New D+Q: Brian Chippendale's Puke Force

You may know music-art-comics powerhouse, Brian Chippendale, from one of his various music projects (Lightning Bolt, Black Pus), from his previous work in comics (Ninja, Maggots, If'n'Oof), or maybe as a member of the famed Providence based art collective, Fort Thunder. Now years in the making (from 2009-2015) Puke Force is his most recent work to date. Originally serialized online, it starts on the web and spirals out from there dragging you with it (in serpentine fashion) from its secret headquarters to the dark cloud and beyond.

Reading Puke Force can have a destabilizing effect. It's off the cuff feel caught me off guard as it delved deeper into social commentary on terrorism, Twitter and junk food. In Chippendale's alternate universe the absurdity of civilization in the twenty-first century is paramount. Conceived of in the shadow of the Bush administration, it's current release in the wake of the media circus that is the US presidential primaries is as timely as ever.

Don't miss Chippendale's appearance tomorrow, February 17th at 7 pm - along with extremely talented cartoonists Michael Deforge and Nick Drnaso - at the shop!

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