New D+Q: Frank King's Walt and Skeezix: 1931-1932

The seventh volume of Frank King's classic Walt and Skeezix strips hits shelves today! The chronological, real-time storytelling finds Skeezix entering the 1930s on the cusp of adolescence. They grow up so fast, don't they? Seems like only yesterday baby Skeezix joined the Wallet family, but time keeps ticking and now he's almost grown!

On the advice of his doctor, Walt takes the family on a months-long road trip across North America, complete with an ocean cruise! King's drawings of cityscapes are gorgeous, and it's really fun to catch a glimpse of what the various locales looked like circa the depression era. Adventure abounds as the Wallets visit far-flung destinations all across the continent.

Featuring an introduction by Jeet Heer, and boasting Chris Ware's impeccable design work, the book also contains lots of never before published Walt & Skeezix ephemera.

You can tell how influential and beloved this long-running strip was based on the plethora of amazing accessories that accompanied it. Rare is the comic character who is immortalized in cookie-cutter form!

There are also insightful and informative essays chronicling the King family during the time period depicted in the strips. It's so interesting to put the comics in their historical context, intermingled with the author's biographical details. Lots of great material here for anyone keen on comics history!

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