New D+Q: Leanne Shapton's Was She Pretty?

For years, we've all been falling in love with Leanne Shapton's beautiful, unclassifiable work, including Swimming Studies, The Native Trees of Canada, Sunday Night Movies, and Women in Clothes, her collaboration with Sheila Heti and Heidi Julavits. Her words and brushstrokes capture fleeting impressions and subtleties of feeling, from the tint of a Blue Douglas Fir to the light on actors' faces in a beloved old film.

Another of Shapton's books is once again available to us: Drawn & Quarterly is republishing Was She Pretty?, which conjures the qualities and peculiarities of everyone's exes, creating a sort of mosaic of jealous fixation and anxiety. It's also humourous and highly relatable! How do we contend with the people who came before us in the lives of our loves?

Are you jealous of the ex who is a famous activist?

What about the ex who sends letters for years from an unknown address?

And what to do about the dreaded tell-all novel written by the ex with literary ambitions?

Don't miss Leanne Shapton and Adrian Tomine in Montreal on February 5 at the Rialto Hall!

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