New & Notable: Ley Lines

Brought to you by Grindstone Comics & Czap Books, Ley Lines is a series of fine art fan comics! Published quarterly, each issue features a different comics artist treating a topic related to fine arts culture at large. Already there's an impressive line-up with titles by Annie Mok (a Rookie Mag contributor), Cathy G. Johnson (releasing with Koyama Press this Spring!), Warren Craghead, Erin Curry, and Andrew White. Treatments range from Mok's Unholy Shapes, in which  "a dissociative young trans person binges on drugs, has bad Craigslist sex, and struggles with the troubled legacy of Expressionist painter Egon Schiele" to Craghead's thrashy take on the Golden Smoke and mirrors of the art market and Erin Curry's drawn poem to Cy Twombly.

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