Re-cap: Our Adrian Tomine and Leanne Shapton event!

Ah, good times. We don't always get 'em but when we do they remind us that we need more of 'em. That's how I felt about our Tomine/Shapton event this month... it was a cozy eve at the beautiful Rialto Hall with a crowd of adoring  fans and presentations by two of the biggest talents in comics today...yet, it almost didn't happen! Flight cancellations due to snowfall almost derailed the whole event! Luckily for us, D+Q authors are a hearty sort and Adrian and Leanne hopped into a car and drove from Boston to Montreal and made it in time.

First up was Leanne Shapton, and she read from her book Was She Pretty?

Was She Pretty? a book of beautifully expressive line-drawings alongside ruminations of past loves is now available from D+Q in a gorgeous paperback edition.

Next was Adrian Tomine, author of the Optic Nerve series and Scenes From an Impending Marriage and well-known for is iconic New Yorker cover illustrations. He read the disturbing and funny story "Intruders" from his newest D+Q collection Killing and Dying.

After both presentations the authors sat down for a short conversation with Saleema Nawaz, author of the Librairie D+Q bestselling 2016 Canada Reads contestant Bone and Bread.

After a sweet acknowledgement that she was indeed a big fan (Was She Pretty? put her into a dreamy reverie and Killing and Dying had her in tears) conversation turned to the effects of parenthood on their work (Leanne: "I'm more obsessed with death!"), the writing process, favourite pens (Adrian admitted he often buys his supplies at Rite Aid and that no one has yet said, "I noticed that your book was done with cheap art supplies"), and the potentiality of movie adaptations of their work.

After the conversation, the audience had some great questions while one exuberant attendee took the opportunity to instead lavish praise on Adrian and Leanne...always a treat! And, just before the terrific evening ended, then fans lined-up to get their books signed by Leanne and Adrian...

So great to see a legion of literary lovers there...we're thankful for our community and how, together we made it one of those special nights when everyone leaves happy and better for the experience...but fear not fans who couldn't make it! Adrian and Leanne were kind enough to sign some extras so we have a limited supply on hand at 211 Bernard Ouest! Stop by and get yer comics on!

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