Event Recap: Amber Tamblyn reads Dark Sparkler

Last night we were joined by the editors of Metatron Press and a shop full of lit fans to welcome Amber Tamblyn and to celebrate the release of her latest book, Dark Sparkler!

Happily, we had Rhianna on the speakers when James Winston (Assistant Editor at Metatron) arrived since, as he revealed, it's his favourite pre-reading-pump-up music. He kicked off the night beautifully with his words on consumption, health, and self love.

Next, Ashley Opheim, Metatron's Managing Editor, treated us to a reading of her sultry poetry about plant life and the importance of rebelling against self care (eating instant food and dehydrating are essential).

Taking the stage the talented Tamblyn told us she's been to D+Q before but never on the stage! We loved having you Amber! This book is a tribute to the numerous dead female actresses who have graced the screen: Brittany Murphy, Sharon Tate, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, and some imagined ones as well. Tamblyn gave an incensed reading full of her sharp and funny commentary on objectification, double standards and the nebula of fame.

Worth noting is the fabulous art in the book that accompanies the poems which includes luminaries like David Lynch, Marilyn Manson, Kid Koala, and Adrian Tomine. To finish Tamblyn read from the epilogue which includes more personal material, research notes and a list of fake actress names!

Before signing books, Tamblyn took questions and - by audience request - performed an encore of Marilyn. It was an unforgettable night! For anyone experiencing FOMO - don't fear! - you can find our live tweeting of the event by searching #DarkSparkleratDQ. Thanks to everyone who attended, the beautiful people at Metatron Press, and Ms. Amber Tamblyn!

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