New and Notable: India Cookbook

The India Cookbook claims to be "The only book on Indian food you'll ever need", and both its size and colorful pages live up to that promise. Packaged in a canvas tote, which could double as a grocery bag, the book gives more than what is on the pages. The interior contains 1,000 easy to follow recipes from all over the country.
Importantly, the cookbook is written by a chef and 'culinary academic' from Delhi, rooting it in the lived experiences of a person tied intimately to the food of their country. Born in Nainital, Pushpesh Pant has developed his career through working as a recipe columnist for publications and cookbooks, all the while working as a professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. The recipes have been modified to be accessible for the Western consumer. Some are well known among the common restaurant dishes served in North America, while others will expand your knowledge of authentic Indian cuisine and culture.

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