New D&Q: Carpet Sweeper Tales by Julie Doucet

As an artist published in the very early days of Drawn & Quarterly, Julie Doucet's work holds a very special place in the heart of the D+Q bookstore. Her comics were fearless, smart, and completely original. Unsurprisingly, the same can be said about her exciting new publication Carpet Sweeper Tales - a collection of visual short stories that is nonetheless quite a departure from her previous hand-drawn autobiographical comics.

Using photo and text from vintage women's and home decorating magazines, Carpet Sweeper Tales creates an absurd photo-comic collage of love, lust, gossip, and travel. Purposefully a bizarro remix of Italian fumetti (photo novels) from the sixties and seventies, Doucet has men and women speaking in fragmentary advertising lingo and typographical nonsense. 

Doucet encourages readers at the beginning to read the stories aloud, thereby helping us to make aural sense of the often visually dissonant words on the page. She is interested in how storytelling (no matter how absurd) can come out of made-up words and putting incompatible sounds together. Accompanied by the longing gazes of the characters, the stuttered and campy conversations take on a surreal quality. 

Following her past comic and collage work, Carpet Sweeper Tales playfully demonstrates Doucet's wildly experimental eye and ear for storytelling outside of traditional means. Pick up a copy and join us in store to gleefully host the Montreal release of Carpet Sweeper Tales Thursday April 7th at 7pm. 

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