Recap: Anne Boyer, Jordan Abel, and Sonnet L'Abbé

The Writers Read + Off the Page festival kicked off with a wall-to-wall packed reading at the shop on Thursday night! Guest writers, Sonnet L'Abbé, Jordan Abel, and Anne Boyer all gave inspired performances.

L'Abbé promised us that despite her given name, Sonnet, she didn't plan on becoming a poet. Whether it's a coincidence or not we're glad she did! From Urban Dictionary diction to a guttural tribute to Tanya Tagaq her lingual dexterity was impressive!

Jordan Abel, a Nisga'a writer, gave a sound and poetry performance in the gorgeous mask pictured above. Using traces of colonialism as material for the work he created a haunting and evocative piece.

Anne Boyer began with an enchanting fable about Poet Smurf, death, and friendship. Incidentally, this was an analogy for the real experience of writing her latest book, Garments Against Women. She proceeded to give a completely captivating reading that was both hilarious and deep. If you haven't read it yet - pick it up!!

Thanks to the organizers, Sina Queyras, the writers, and everyone involved for putting on an excellent evening of poetry, conversation, and collaboration.

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