TONIGHT, 7pm: Blue Met & Librairie D+Q present Carmen Aguirre launches MEXICAN HOOKER #1

Yay, Blue Met! The season is here and, as mentioned before, we will be holding down the fort at the Hotel 10/Librairie D+Q pop-up-shop but we also have a few of the hottest tickets of the fest up on the hill at ol' 211 Bernard. This is one of those, and we are chuffed! Carmen Aguirre, author of the award-winning and bestselling Something Fierce, launches her newest: MEXICAN HOOKER #1: AND MY OTHER ROLES SINCE THE REVOLUTION!

    In Mexican Hooker #1 Aguirre returns to the stuff of her varied and adventurous life, including a shocking crime that she experienced as a young girl. Fierce, funny and enlightening, Aguirre interweaves her account of overcoming the attack that shook her world with a host of stories of life and love. From her passionate but explosive relationship with a gorgeous Argentinian basketball player to the all-consuming days at drama school in Vancouver; from the end of the Chilean revolutionary dream to life among the Chicano theatre scene of Los Angeles; from the child who was made the victim of a terrible crime to the artist who found the courage to confront her assailant, Aguirre tells a story of strength and survival that will leave you speechless.

   CARMEN AGUIRRE is a multiple-award winning theatre artist and author who has written and co-written twenty-five plays. Her first book, the critically-acclaimed Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter, was published by Portobello books in 2012 and is a #1 national bestseller in Canada. Carmen has eighty film, tv, and stage acting credits, including a lead role in the indie favourite Quinceanera, winner of the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. She lives in Vancouver.

There will be wine and conversation and you will be surrounded by the best books in the world!

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