Tonight at 7:00 p.m. Dis' Place/d Poetics: A Reading

To celebrate the successful completion of Université de Montréal's 13th Annual English Graduate Conference, past and present students of the esteemed Montreal writer Gail Scott are presenting a reading of their creative work.

"The Poetics of Place: Performing Selves In and Beyond Cities" set out to explore the effect of location on our writing and reading selves, and for our final reading these emerging writers demonstrate with aplomb the selves they are fashioning in this unique city.

Capping the evening's performance is a reading by the conference's keynote speaker, Dr. Jennifer Scappettone (University of Chicago), author of the poetry collections From Dame Quickly and Exit 43.

Readings will be five minutes each.

Jessi MacEachern (Host)
Shah Jehan Ashrafi
Jessica Bebenek
Karissa LaRocque
Tessa Liem
Kate Sheckler
Kasia Juno
Karianne Cossette
Gabriel Germain
Zen Shweiry
Alexander Rock
Sarah Burgoyne
Nick Papaxanthos
Jennifer Scappettone

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