Event Recap: Julie Doucet Launches "Carpet Sweeper Tales"!

On Thursday, April 7th we had the pleasure of hosting renowned Montreal author Julie Doucet for the launch of her latest book Carpet Sweeper Tales. Known for creating cartoons that push the boundaries of topics such as sex, menstruation, and gender relations, Doucet brought in a full house of friends and fans excited to see her newest work.

Introducing Doucet to the stage was our managing editor Tracy Hurren, who spoke about her past and present work, as well as her influence on a generation of cartoonists and readers. Taking to the stage shortly after was Doucet herself, briefly explaining the philosophy and process behind Carpet Sweeper Tales. With ten other books and zines on sale, there was no shortage of material to look at, and to, of course, get signed.

Many thanks again to Julie Doucet, as well as everyone who attended!

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