Event Recap: Vehicule Spring Launch

Last night Vehicule Press launched their spring releases with readings from Genvieve Petterson, Lydia Perovic, Vincent Colistro, Michael Prior, and Neil Smith. The event was predominantly poetry, with a sprinkling of fiction from Petterson. Folks were lined up out the door to hear the authors, whose delivery was consistently enigmatic and relatable. Laced throughout the works was a sense of humor that was self deprecating and honest.

Kicking off the event, Vincent Colistro brought the audience to laughter with his reading from his book of poetry entitled Late Victorians

Following his lead, Lydia Perovic beguiled us with her soft spoken voice delivering some pretty strong lines from her book All That Sang. 

Michael Prior introduced his reading, dedicating it to his grandmother, and placing emphasis on the importance of his "ethnic ambiguity" in his poetry. His book is entitled Model Disciple

Finally, Niel Smith read from Genvieve Petterson's book of fiction, The Goddess of Fireflies, in english, attempting to embody the voice of the narrator: a 14 year old girl.

Petterson followed with a reading in french. The poignant vulgarity of her text translated well to spoken word. allowing the audience to collectively share in the hilarity of teenage antics. 

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