New and Notable: Lullabies For Little Criminals 10th Anniversary Edition!

   Happy birthday, stone cold classic! Yep, Montreal author Heather O'Neill's award-winning Lullabies For Little Criminals has been reissued as a hot pink 10th anniversary edition!

   Lullabies, the story of Baby, 12-year-old daughter of the troubled Jules, both living in run-down apartments in Montreal is one of our favourite novels, no foolin' and definitely one of the books we've recommended the most at ol' 211 Bernard.  And now, with this edition, we get a new introduction as well as some illuminating insights and interviews including Heather's list of the novels she's returned to most often (Böll's The Clown, oh my heart!).

   If you loved this as much as we did, you may want to check out this edition and, if haven't read it, you simply must, and this is the edition to own. Necessary.

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