New and Notable: Rich and Poor by Jacob Wren

The always innovative Jacob Wren has come out with a new arresting novel about an immigrant pianist-turned-dishwasher who decides to start a revolution by killing a billionaire. Toggling between the perspectives of both the dishwasher and the billionaire, Wren writes about capitalism’s grim discrepancies and contradictions. He writes about those conflicting desires - to radically change the world and to maintain the appealing benefits of the status quo. Stoic yet provocative, Rich and Poor plunges the reader into a deep psychology of activism, politics, business, and the many ways in which they mesh together.

Join us on April 28th at 7pm for the Montreal launch and BookThug Spring Release of their newest titles, with Jacob Wren, Joni Murphy, Malcolm Sutton, and Stephen Thomas. Not to be missed!

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