Tonight at 7:00 p.m: Double Book Launch with Sue MacLeod and Carole Glasser Langille!

Spring has sprung and what better way to celebrate than with an evening of readings? Help us celebrate this double launch of poetry and fiction—Sue MacLeod’s Mood Swing, with Pear and Carole Glasser Langille’s I Am What I Am Because You Are What You Are.

In MacLeod’s poems, a light shines on the unsung ways that people’s lives get rubbed together. MacLeod is inspired by sources as diverse as Alex Colville paintings and the “” website. She also borrows words from how-to books; they still inform, but from an angle.

 In Langille’s linked short stories—nominated for the Alistair MacLeod award—minor characters in one story become major characters in another. A man who abandons his wife after an accident re-appears from a different view—as a psychiatrist working to save another man’s life. Links are woven
among characters and across generations.

Come join us for these readings, and ask the authors questions until they tell all! Wine and snacks provided.

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