Tonight at 7h: METATRON (MTL) x WONDER (NYC)!

You've been here before, you know Librairie D+Q and Metatron go together like beer and pizza, well make room in the hot tub because here comes a new swingin' couple, NYC's Wonder press! Saturday, April 30th, 7pm.

Check out that line-up from two of the most fantastic cities on the good earth:

Josef Kaplan (Poem Without Suffering)
Ben Fama (Fantasy)
Monica McClure (Tender Data)
Bridget Talone (In the Valley Made Personal)

Sara Sutterlin (I Wanted To Be The Knife)
Stephen Thomas (The Jokes)
Tess Liem (Metatron ÖMËGÄ BLÖG)
Ali Pinkney (Tampion)

Every single one of our Metatron events has been a stone cold killer so this one won;t be an exception, get here, immerse, repeat.

Hosted by co-honchos Ahley Opheim and Guilliaume Morissette!

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