Tonight at 7:00 p.m. John Goldbach launches IT IS AN HONEST GHOST!

Join us, amidst the spring thaw, for delightful evening of high spirits as John Goldbach (The Devil and the Detective) returns to the old bookstore on the hill to launch is newest: IT IS AN HONEST GHOST,  a collection of stories grappling the various ways we are haunted.

IT IS AN HONEST GHOST From Kenya to Quebec, these wry and unconventional stories explore the different ways we're haunted. Teenagers philosophize on the nature of ontology, while fearing there's a ghost in the old mill they're stuck in; anxieties over finitude and terrorism are scrutinized; a man encounters an old friend in the unlikeliest of places; nineteenth-century inventor Sigismund Mohr is vividly brought back from obscurity; and two journalists travel to Kenya for a conference, where one of them has a paranoid breakdown. It Is An Honest Ghost is a funny and often eerie collection that explores what lies beyond mortality—if anything, that is.

John Goldbach is the author of The Devil and the Detective, a novel, and Selected Blackouts, a collection of stories. He lives in Montreal.

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