Beautiful books for babes, tots and teens!

There's nothing like arriving at the store every shift to see new titles nestled on the shelves. Here are just a few of our recent arrivals:

Because flying is fun (unless you're a parent, amirite?)!

A little bear learns from his Papa that being brave doesn't mean you can't ask for help. Emily Hughes is one of our fave illustrators. Just look at that mischievous lil' bear face!

Bob gets bullied. The other birds call him names. But Bob learns that he's awesome, despite what the other birds might say.

A reissue of the 1940s bestseller. Another self-conscious animal learns a lesson. Duvoisin's illustrations are even more stunning than usual, if that's possible.

An independent little boy doesn't want to be called Jr. He wants his own name. This is a beautiful story about figuring out identity as he searches for a new, special name all of his own.

This update of the classic tale, complete with beautiful minimalist  illustrations.

And for the older kids... two fantastic fantastical novels! 

We have a ton more new arrivals that we would absolutely love to show you, so stop by the store! We're always happy to take the time to help you find the perfect book for your little (or not-so-little) ones!

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