New and Notable: Dazed and Confused

The new issue of Dazed and Confused is up on the shelf, featuring full page photo spreads with exposing flash and starkly real backgrounds. The glossy cover folds out to reveal fashion advertisements, as a fair amount of the magazine's content is itself these ads. Sometimes the line between ad and photo content is blurred, calling into question the nature of the image: does one produced by a magazine differ so much from one produced by a corporation? The answer is up to you. Regardless, visual splendor awaits in the pages of Dazed. The written content varies from interveiws with artists like Chris Kraus and Natasha Stagg, to narratives of artistic traditions like hip-hop: questioning its ability to cross cultures and languages. 
The new issue raises important questions and subverts norms through its visuals. Pick it up for a good read! 

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