Secretimes Is Out!


We’re so happy to announce that Secretimes is finally out! The exciting new graphic novel by Keith Jones will be launched this Thursday at the librairie, in tandem with Patrick Kyle’s new book, Don’t Come in Here. Don’t miss this!

Secretimes blazing sci-fi tale starts like any nightmare worthy of being one should start: life almost seems too good to be true. Two hobos are chilling innocently in the woods – drinking and smoking, listening to the trees blowing in the wind, when a vicious cop disturbs the peaceful enjoyment of their soup. Violence and blood ensue… and you guessed it! – death. The unfortunate event then propels the story into a downward and nasty spiral, full of unscrupulous mafiosos.

The anthropomorphism of Secretimes’s characters allows Jones to shape a surreal and nightmarish underworld, or as best described by Drawn and Quarterly itself, –an alternate universe– in which elephant, crocodile and pigeon thugs caricature human society at its worst.

You will find these crooks chilling around the pool or setting a house on fire. 

One may ask you: “Are you the guys that wanna produce a series of child sized firearms with my signature on them?” Because if that’s the case, his full name has already been licensed to a genetic cloning facility.

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