TOP 5: April's Bestselling Graphic Novels

Where has April gone?? Here are our bestselling graphic novels of the month! You all waited patiently for it - Clowes's highly anticipated Patience is at the top of the list, while Chester Brown's Mary Wept has had a very strong debut (and he'll be in Montreal at the end of the month - Thursday, May 26 - save the date!), meanwhile Killing and Dying is still going strong, Julie Doucet's recent launch of Carpet Sweeper Tales was a big success, and Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam was here just in time for Earth Day (or whatever).

Patience - Dan Clowes

Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus - Chester Brown

Killing and Dying - Adrian Tomine

Carpet Sweeper Tales - Julie Doucet

Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam - Simon Hanselmann

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