Event Recap: Dave Hill Launches "Dave Hill Doesn't Live Here Anymore"

Last night Dave Hill came into the store to speak with Drawn and Quarterly managing editor Tracy Hurren for the launch of his new book, entitled "Dave Hill Doesn't Live Here Anymore". The book, a series of short stories about himself and his father, brings humor and lightness to the dark places in memory. 

Hill discussed his work on the book, his past, and delved into meandering stories of his encounters with figures like Malcolm Gladwell. After the discussion with Tracy, Hill showed a video of his father and himself playing Stairway to Heaven: his father on piano and him on guitar. The following questions from the audience focused on his cross disciplinary work, from rock musician, to author, to stand up comedian. 

Dave Hill charmed us all with his self-deprecating and truthful humour. As a bonus, those who stuck around got to hear personal anecdotes and stories of encounters with famous people. 

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