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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

New D+Q - Anna & Froga: Out and About by Anouk Ricard!

The latest installment of Anouk Ricard's Anna & Froga series hits shelves today!  Anna, Froga, Ron, Christopher, and Bubu are back and in fine form. True to the title, their adventures take them out and about, close to home and further afield. They stop at the mini mall for Christmas craft supplies, head to Paris, take a ride in an air balloon, get on (and are swiftly kicked off) a train, visit their new neighbour, get in a scuffle at the park, and spend some torturous time at a new age health retreat! Here are a few scenes to give you a taste of the hijinks that ensue:

An attempt to "go green" at Christmas yields some interesting results...

Ron and Bubu create their own special variations of yoga poses...

A new neighbour with a suspicious aversion to garlic shows up to play Scrabble...

Lessons on hot air balloon safety are learned (the hard way)...

The gang gets a crash course in the realities of city-living in Paris...

In their typically sassy fashion, the friends occasionally tread into frenemy territory as they take on the ups and downs of daily life together. Anouk Ricard's portrayal of "honest friendship" continues to endear itself to readers of all ages in this latest collection. Anna & Froga: Out and About Makes for a perfect summer read while you're out and about on your own adventures!  

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