New and Notable: Magazines

This month we have quite a few new arrivals. From experimental architecture magazines, to film journals, these beautiful publications have got it all.

1. Gayletter
The fourth issue of Gayletter is an array of photo-series, interviews, book reviews, and illustrations. Featuring a wide array of male bodies, in multiplicity and in extreme close up, the pages really pop. Nipples and chest hair are draped in pink silk, and asses are placed beside fine china. We'll leave the interpretation up to you.

2. Pin-up
Issue 20 of this "architectural entertainment" magazine is entitled "Garden Variety". Everything from the advertisements to the end notes is steeped in an ethos of design. The playful approach to the font and format of the articles indicates the publications commitment to experimentation in design and architecture. The entire publication reads as a poem: lyrical yet ironic from start to finish.

3. Lucky Peach
As promised, the Pho Issue of Lucky Peach is a spread of bright colors and mouth-watering textures. Next time you're looking to buy a cookbook, look no further than this mag. It's got plenty of recipes, from salads to desserts, but also features full page photo spreads and an article on the history of Pho.

4. Love Want
This visually stunning magazine cuts right to meat of their content 1 page in. Forget the 10 plus pages of advertisements. From front to back Love Want is filled with photo content with titles that tie it all together. Bartolomeo Celestino's "Love is Stronger Than Death" features full page spreads of the sun setting on water. There is something mystical and disconcerting in the images, especially followed by portraits of "Young Souls", whose apathetic faces accompanied by truly unique jewelry and clothing.

5. Little White Lies
In its 65th issue, Little White Lies continues to delve into serious film critique, while maintaining a level of accessibility as well as appeal in its visuals. Some oldies like Zoolander pop up for a good re-hash, while the feature interview with Elle Fanning discusses her newest role in Neon Demon. The astute rating system provides helpful overviews of films, giving you a good sense of what is worth seeing, and what is not.

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