New D&Q: How to Understand Israel In 60 Days Or Less

Sarah Glidden is an Ignatz award winning cartoonist working in memoir and comics journalism. A re-edition of her 2011 memoir, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less published by Drawn & Quarterly is out today!

Glidden's touching memoir documents her experience of the Israel Birthright tour. As a progressive Jewish American who is highly critical of Israeli politics, Glidden decides to take the opportunity to go there and see for herself what conclusions she may draw from the situation. Although she remains astute and observant, thinking critically at every turn, she surprises herself with what she finds. The Israel Palestine conflict is infinitely complicated and she learns that not everything is black and white.

In Sarah Glidden's next book she delves into Middle Eastern politics and comics reportage once again. Rolling Blackouts documents her journey through Turkey, Iraq, and Syria accompanying two journalist friends and a former Marine as they  research the effects of the Iraq war on the region. Look for it October 5th!

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