Event Recap: Tom Gauld launches Mooncop

On September 19th we welcomed Tom Gauld to the store to launch both the French and English versions of his new book Mooncop. The store was packed with fans, and both publishers Tom Devlin (Drawn & Quarterly) and Antoine Tanguay (Alto, who came all the way from Quebec City for the event!) were equally delighted to introduce this addition to the renowned British cartoonist's work.

Gauld was not only inspired by sci-fi films and astronauts for this book (although they did play a big part), sharing with the audience that his extensive childhood reading as a young child helped him imagine that we might all one day be holidaying on the moon. He cited Edward Gorey's alphabet imagery as a major inspiration for the book, along with the high expectations people used to have for technology and the future.

Unlike the black-or-white future that can be found in most science-fiction works and that Gauld sums up in two deadpan complementary alphabets (Our Wonderful Future and Our Dreadful Future), Mooncop is an in-between, a nuanced and melancholic vision of what The Future might have been.

The actual starting point for the Mooncop character was a childhood Japanese toy from the sixties depicting a man sitting in a moon patrol tank and looking quite bored because, well, there didn’t seem to be much crime happening there. Take all these inspirations, and Mooncop is born!

When it came to signing of books, Gauld drew personalized images for each of his fans.

A great launch, and if you missed itwe’re sorry.

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