New D&Q: Nicolas by Pascal Girard

We are thrilled to announce that D&Q has issued a new English translation of Nicolas by beloved local author and friend of the store, Pascal Girard! Nicolas was Girard's second published work (after Dans un cruchon), and was originally put out in French by Mécanique Générale in 2006.

In a series of simply drawn vignettes, Girard explores the early death of his five-year-old brother, from his own memories as a nine-year-old to the impact of the event on his life as an adult. As Girard explains in his new introduction, he drew Nicolas in only three days, directly in ink, without a script or pencils.

Girard's method, inspired by Jeffrey Brown's Any Easy Intimacy, was to render moments (big and small) in stripped-down two or four-panel arrangements, which lets the raw complexity of emotions shine through: Nicolas  funny, absurd, and tragic.

This new edition of Nicolas is complete with a brand new introduction and a new story of his relationship with his surviving brother, Joel. Nicolas is a delicate, minimalist portrait of the many faces of mourning, identified with surprising humour and pathos.

Join us this Thursday, Sept. 8 at 7PM, for a double book launch event with Pascal Girard and Michel Hellmann!

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