Bone-chilling books for a horrifying Halloween!

Are you looking to get into the creeping, creaking, spine-crawling season? Don't know what to read by candlelight in the witching hour? Need ways to amuse the little ghouls in your life? Your spooky, scary neighbourhood librairie has you covered:

Ominous non-fiction
Night Walking: A Nocturnal History of London (Matthew Beaumont)
Superstitions and Why We Have Them (Max Cryer)
Witches Midwives & Nurses (Barbara Ehrenreich)
Human Anatomy (Benjamin Rifkin)

Horrid holiday prep
Way of the Tarot (Alejandro Jodorowsky)
The Creative Tarot (Jessa Crispin)
The Satanic Bible (Anton LeVay)
Deceptive Desserts (Christine McConnell)
Wicked Plants (Briony Morrow-Cribbs)

Spooky scifi and fantasy
Welcome to Night Vale Episodes: Mostly Void, Partially Stars and Great Glowing 
Coils of the Universe (Joseph Fink)
Call of Cthulhu (H.P. Lovecraft)
The Sandman Overture deluxe edition (Neil Gaiman and Sam Keith)
Saga of the Swamp Thing book one (Alan Moore)
Monstress volume one (Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda)

Gruesome gothic horror
The Bloody Chamber (Angela Carter)
The Doubtful Guest and The Gashlycrumb Tinies (Edward Gorey)
Les Cousines vampires (Alexandre Rousseau)
We Have Always Lived in the Castle (Shirley Jackson)
Frankenstein (Mary Shelley)

For the lil' monsters under the bed
The Graveyard Book volume one (Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell)
Hansel & Gretel (Neil Gaiman and Lorenzo Mattotti)
You Are a Cat... in the Zombie Apocalypse (Sherwin S. Tija)
The Singing Bones (Shaun Tan)
All the Kitaro! (Shigeru Mizuki)
Through the Woods (Emily Carroll)

Tonight!! Saturday Oct. 29th! Jessica Campbell launches HOT OR NOT with Keith Jones

Join us on Saturday, October 29th at 7:00 pm for an evening with Jessica Campbell as she launches Hot Or Not (Koyama Press) alongside D+Q author Keith Jones! In this book, modern males get the Tinder treatment as Artforum meets MAD Magazine. Picasso? More like Picasso-so.

 The history of 20th-century art is filled with men, but one key component has always been missing: which of these men are boneable, and which are not. Campbell has created the definitive resource on the subject in this hilarious rundown of male artist hotness and notness.

 JESSICA CAMPBELL is from Victoria, BC and is an enthusiast of jokes, painting and comics. She completed her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she was the recipient of the Edward L. Ryerson Fellowship, and also a comics instructor. She has exhibited work in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Greece.

 “These men should be judged on their artistic merit, not their hotness. What Ms. Campbell has done here is disgraceful.” — Jillian Tamaki, co-author of Skim and This One Summer and author of SuperMutant Magic Academy

(Images courtesy of the A.V. Club)

Tonight!! Laura Broadbent launches "In On the Great Joke"

Join poet Laura Broadbent on Friday, Oct. 28th at 7:00 pm as she launches her latest collection, "In on the Great Joke" alongside her friends Andy Szymanski, Ali Pinkey, Olivia Wood, Yasmine Lucas, and Josip Novakovich! Broadbent, described by Hobo Magazine as "full of sultry verve and invective," blends essayistic poetics, alchemy, translation and necromancy to bring readers In on "the Great Joke."

*Guillaume Morissette is hosting

Author bio: 

Laura Broadbent is the author of "Oh There You Are I Can't See You Is It Raining?" (Invisible), which won the 2012 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry, and Interviews (Metatron Press). Originally from Stratford, Ontario, she currently lives in Montreal.

Poetry Night with the Center for Expanded Poetics

Join us on Thursday, December 1st at 7:00 pm for an evening of experimental poetry & fiction with BookThug & the CEP.

Concordia’s Centre for Expanded Poetics presents an evening of experimental poetry & fiction featuring BookThug authors Mat Laporte & Moez Surani, who will be launching their new books RATS NEST and OPERATIONS in Montreal. Accompanying Moez & Mat on stage will be Montreal poet Jes Dolan.

This event will be hosted by the CEP’s JESSICA BEBENEK, who will also be moderating a little Q&A on stage after the readings.

MOEZ SURANI has travelled, studied, and worked in countries around the world. His writing has been featured in numerous publications, including Best Canadian Poetry, The Walrus, The Globe and Mail, Harper’s Magazine, and PRISM International.ةيلمع OPERACIÓN OPÉRATION OPERATION OПЕРАЦИЯ (BookThug, 2016), his third book, borrows the language of military operations to create a text that's both "absurdly funny" and "darkly unsettling."

MAT LAPORTE is a Toronto-based writer and co-founder of the micro-press Ferno House. He’s the author of several poetry chapbook, including Life Savings, which was nominated for the 2013 bpNichol Chapbook Award. RATS NEST (BookThug, 2016), his first full-length book, was described as a "cyberpunk diary" and "a gorgeous horror."

JES DOLAN is currently in the MA program at Concordia University chasing down a degree in Creative Writing. Her professional experience in front-line services for people living with HIV/AIDS and HepC, as well as her personal experience of queerness and transience inform her politic and subsequently her interest in creating poetic and academic works that reach beyond the boundaries of the institution and return energy, funding, and attention to communities often mined for their narratives and experience. 

The Centre for Expanded Poetics ( is a creative research and writing laboratory for the interdisciplinary study of embodiment, structure, form, and fabrication.

New & Notable: Float by Anne Carson

Coming in highly anticipated from enigmatic poet and classicist Anne Carson, Float is a treat from the moment it is picked up.

The book consists of twenty-two individual chapbooks which “float” (hence the title) inside of a transparent case. The off-kilter presentation is mirrored in its contents, as Carson’s work is ever fragmentary, ever startling, ever prancing towards truth.

Though each chapbook is technically isolated and meant to be read in any order, there is a surprising coherence to the varied themes. The subjects shift from memory to loss to icebergs to Francis Bacon, yet constant throughout seems to be the concept of translation, whether it be language to language—she is a professor of Classics after all—or experience to language, the chief concern of the poet.

Anne Carson is a favourite of many at Librairie D+Q, and with Float has delivered not only an astounding work of poetry, but a tilt on what we expect from a book as artifact.

Ce soir! Club de lecture francophile: Maman Sauvage de Geneviève Elverum

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Pour le prochain club de lecture francophile de la librairie, nous lisons Maman Sauvage de Geneviève Elverum, également connue sous le nom de Geneviève Castrée lorsqu'elle dessine. Maman sauvage, qu'elle a écrit pendant sa maternité, est son premier livre de poésie.

La rencontre aura lieu le mercredi 26 octobre à 19h à la librairie (211 rue Bernard Ouest). Nous vous offrons 15% de rabais à l'achat du livre jusqu'au jour du club de lecture. Que vous soyez débutant ou francophone d'origine, vous êtes les bienvenus!
Illustratrice, auteure et musicienne, Geneviève Elverum a d'ailleurs publié la version anglophone de son roman graphique Susceptible avec Drawn & Quarterly. L'auteure vit sur une île de la côte Nord-Ouest des États-Unis avec un homme, une petite fille et un chat.

La poésie d'Elverum fait cercle autour des petites histoires du quotidien, celles des jours de pluie où elle aimerait dire "ta gueule" au chat, ou bien les lendemains de rêves inquiétants dans lesquels elle adopte un perroquet et que les vitamines pour oiseaux coûtent trop cher. Au fil des emplettes et des tracas, des gâteaux qu'elle ne fera finalement pas, Elverum nous raconte sa grossesse dans une prose simple et humaine. Si elle sort parfois de sa tanière, c'est en se méfiant des autres, mais peut-être aussi d'elle-même.

Maman Sauvage, c'est donc 9 mois pluvieux et pas de permis de conduire, avec une petite Agathe "minuscule, délicate / tortellini" qui met un joli point final à la succession poétique.

New D+Q: A Walk in Eden

Anders Nilsen's colouring book A Walk in Eden is officially out today, and presents a perfect occasion to take a break from everyday life and enter another world! For this book is no ordinary colouring book...

Its unearthly sceneries are inspired by Victorian scientific and botanical illustrations and if you are familiar with Ernst Haeckel, you will most certainly be able to sense his influence.

Browsing through these pages, one feels like they are taking a relaxing stroll amongst surreal minerals, plants and wildlife.

Escape to this untouched nature, outside of time and space and--wait, is that an air conditioner?

Will you spot all of the items that are hidden throughout the book?

Most of all, can't you wait to give colours and life to these empty landscapes?

Also, don't forget to brag about your masterpiece when you're done!

Event Recap: Alexandre Trudeau launches BARBARIAN LOST!

An eager crowd filled the beautiful Victoria Hall to see Alexandre Trudeau launch his new book, Barbarian Lost.  He was in conversation with Jeanette Kelly, host of the CBC radio show Cinq à Six, and read an excerpt from a particularly arresting chapter on interviewing a sex-worker.

Trudeau's new book is a traveler's account of what he calls the "New China": a complex and fast moving enigma of a country entangled in tradition and ancient culture. In short, it eludes easy comprehension. As former PM Pierre Trudeau's son, Alexandre was able to visit China repeatedly as a teen, visits which sparked a life-long fascination with the country. Barbarian Lost is an honest, engrossing account of one man's longing engagement with a region, along with an attempt to understand the nation that is a mystery to so many in the West.

Kelly's questions were warm yet driven, allowing Trudeau to dissect his journalistic approach as well as his philosophies on travel. Trudeau opened the evening with some Confucian wisdom, saying that his experience as a traveler has never been about reaching a destination, but rather concerning himself solely with the journey.

Following the conversation was a Q&A—with only one question regarding Trudeau's rather busy older brother—and a signing, which saw the author happily chatting and inscribing for a long line of excited guests!

New & Notable: Guilty Thing: A Life of Thomas De Quincey

We are more than halfway through October, which means that the dark descends upon us early, and the cold is setting in. I don't know about you, but rather than reaching for cheerier fare, I'm inclined towards bleaker reading as autumn wanes. What better suited to my purposes than Frances Wilson's recent biography of renowned nineteenth century opium-eater, murder-obsessed journalist and literary legend Thomas De Quincey?

Guilty Thing: A Life of Thomas De Quincey has received high praise from The Guardian, the Literary Review, and The Times, among others. In a piece for The New Yorker, Dan Chiasson calls Wilson "a biographer with a De Quinceyan eye for pattern, and a sharp sense of the ironies that made her subject’s life at once so rich and so depleted". Guilty Thing unravels De Quincey's vast intellect, follows his obsessions, and re-animates his literary spirit, which, it should be recalled, greatly influenced an impressive array of writers, including Borges, Dickens, Nabokov and Wilde.

The text in the above image reads: Holyrood Abbey, where De Quincey lived like 'the ghost of one whose body had not received the clod of earth to entitle it to rest in peace'. I hope this will pique your gothic sensibilities as it has mine. Happy October!

- Helen

New & Notable: The Babysitter at Rest by Jen George

New from one of our favourite small presses, the Dorothy Publishing Project, is a bizzaro collection of short stories by Jen George, entitled The Babysitter at Rest. The eponymous short story, which previously appeared in BOMB Magazine, tilts and sears through a gratuitous party scene populated with odd and earnest characters, including a silver-haired pervert and a roommate named "Horse". George's stories at times border on farcical, but at their core lie careful examinations of being young, female, lost, unfulfilled. These five stories are hilarious in their reckless abandon, yet there is a discipline to the weirdness, a cool head recounting the surreal. The Babysitter at Rest is told in a soft-psychedelia, and is sure to charm your socks off!

Pow Pow Triple Book Launch!

Pow Pow Press will be launching Art Wars, Earthbound and Going Under at the Librairie on October 20th at 7:00 PM! Join us for an evening of fine comics, reasonable wine drinking, public readings and book signing.

Authors Francis Desharnais, Blonk and Zviane will proudly present the new brand new English translations of their respective books. Thick yet charming accents are to be expected. The event starts at 7pm and seating is limited – so come early if you don't want to be stuck in the children's section!

Author Bios:
Zviane: Winner of the 2014 Joe Shuster Award for best Canadian cartoonist, Zviane studied music at Université de Montréal before getting sidetracked by her growing interest in comics. She is the author of For As Long As It Rains, also from Pow Pow Press, as well as the popular L'Ostie d'chat series which was first published as a web cartoon. Apnea was awarded the Bédéis Causa for best album of the year, when it was originally published in French in 2010. She currently live in Montréal.

Blonk: Jean-Claude Aumais has been publishing indie zines under the pen name Blonk for more than a decade. His first graphic novel, Earthbound, was published in French in 2014 – earning him the Réal-Fillion Award for best debut in early 2015. He currently lives in Laval, Québec, where works as a graphic designer. He is currently working on a second book for Pow Pow Press.

Francis Desharnais: Francis Desharnais is the author of Burquette – a popular comic strip which has been adapted as an animated series by the National Film Board of Canada, since its initial publication in 2008. Based in Québec City, Desharnais is also known for his work on the Motel Galactic trilogy as well as Salomé et les hommes en noir and Chroniques d'une fille indigne. He is also a member of Groupe Kiwistiti, an animation collective which he co-founded in 1999.

TONIGHT! Friday, October 14th at 7pm: Metatron and Librairie D&Q co-host Chloe Caldwell's launch of I'LL TELL YOU IN PERSON

Join us at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly on Friday, October 14th for an evening with American writer Chloe Caldwell, who will be launching her brand new essay collection, I’ll Tell You in Person. Accompanying Chloe will be Montreal writers Fariha Róisín and Karissa LaRocque, and we’ll also have a short Q&A on stage.

CHLOE CALDWELL is the author of three books, I’ll Tell You in Person (CoffeeHouse & Emily Books, 2016), the novella Women (SF/LD, 2014) and the essay collection Legs Get Led Astray (Future Tense Books, 2012). She teaches creative nonfiction writing in New York City and online and her work has appeared in Vice, Lenny Letter,, Nylon and many other outlets.

FARIHA RÓISÍN is a writer, essayist, editor and podcaster living on Earth. Her work has appeared in Broadly, Flare, Teen Vogue, Fusion, The Establishment and elsewhere online and in print. We recommend Fariha’s fantastic series on Medium, “Muslim Women Speak.”

KARISSA LAROCQUE is currently an MA candidate in English at Concordia University. She is involved with the Spectra Collective, Headlight Anthology and Off The Page Literary Festival. Her work has been published in The Dalhousie Review, GUTS Magazine, 7Mondays, Zettel and elsewhere. Like every queer on the internet, she too has Instagrammed a picture of herself reading Chloe Caldwell's novella "Women" in her underwear.

This event will be hosted by Metatron’s GUILLAUME MORISSETTE.

Doors at 7 pm, starts at 7 h 30 pm.

(Chloe Caldwell)

New D+Q: Kitaro Meets Nurarihyon

Out today: Shigeru Mizuki's Kitaro Meets Nurarihyon! It's the second volume in a series of seven, so make some space on your book shelf. If you're not familiar with Mizuki's classic yokai (Japanese folkloric monster) stories, it's a perfect time to get caught up starting with The Birth of Kitaro which came out earlier this year and explains Kitaro's mysterious origins. In this volume, our hero returns along with his his father, the eyeball Medama-oyaji, and perpetually broke frenemy Nezumi Otoko. The trio battle evil yokai, pal around with friendly ones, and generally fight to keep peace between the supernatural realm and humans. Kitaro Meets Nurarihyon also continues translator Zack Davisson's ongoing history of Kitaro, and builds on the "who's who" of yokai from the first volume in the end pages.

Just in time for Halloween, there are plenty of creepy yokai tales here to give you the a good way, of course!  In the title story, Kitaro and crew tangle with Nurarihyon, a treacherous yokai who disguises himself as a rich old man roaming the markets and pachinko parlors.You can imagine how Nezumi Otoko, with his perpetually empty pockets and stomach, easily falls prey to a bit of bribery from this shady character...

...but not to worry, he redeems himself from these occasional bouts of disloyalty by defending Kitaro when he needs it most. One whiff of the putrid breeze wafting from Nezumi Otoko's filthy robe sends enemies reeling. Stink as a secret weapon - genius!

Mizuki's art is always such a treat. Check out this full-page panel of Sara Kozo, a 350 year-old, many-toothed, yokai with a knack for songwriting, and a penchant for sweets and amusement park rides. Careful though, he's also got a nasty temper, and an especially foul special attack, as Kitaro finds out the hard way.

Another particularly creepy yokai is Odoro Odoro, a formerly human scientist whose research on baldness leads to his transformation into a demon with long, tendril-like hairs for sucking blood from his victims. Speaking of blood-suckers, Kitaro also has a run in with the most famous vampire of all: Dracula himself makes his way from Transylvania to Osaka, giving Odoro Odoro some competition.

 The stories taken as a complete narrative are full of fun and adventure, as well as some genuinely scary encounters, but what makes them really shine are the details. There are so many great panels, it's worth slowing down for multiple readings to catch all of the hilarious moments and beautiful drawings. For example, you'll notice that Medama-oyaji has a special fondness for taking leisurely soaks in cups of tea. How can a disembodied eyeball be so cute and charming? Mizuki makes the magic happen with masterful storytelling skill. Get to know Kitaro, and you're sure to fall under the spell of the one-eyed yokai boy as generations of manga fans have done.

New & Notable: Fall Graphic Novel Preview

Now that Fall is upon us there's nothing like a good book to keep you warm! Luckily, there are tons of HOT new graphic novels out this season! Here's a preview of some of the spiciest in store:

Tetris: The Games People Play - Box Brown
Unravels the secret history of the most popular video game of all time, chronicling its development in 1980s Soviet Russia and the big money bidding wars and backroom deals that ensued once it emerged from behind the Iron Curtain.

Cosplayers - Dash Shaw
An affectionate celebration of fandom with weird and funny interconnected stories that star two young women who love cosplay and making DIY videos for their Youtube channel.

The One Hundred Nights of Hero - Isabel Greenberg
Set in an imagined medieval world that intertwines myth and fable it's a dark yet enchanting epic that investigates the rich and sometimes troubling history of storytelling, while it reveals its ultimate power.

March: Book Three - John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, Nate Powell
The third and final book in a stirring series that recounts the events of the historic civil rights movement through the eyes of Congressman John Lewis who lived through it.

Last Look - Charles Burns
Collects all three volumes of Charles Burns' masterful, nightmarish X'ed Out trilogy into one softcover book for your careful consideration. (Now you can get to the bottom of it!)

Arab of the Future Volume 2 - Riad Sattouf
In the second volume of this memoir, a young Sattouf goes to school and attempts to assimilate into Syrian life under the dictatorship of Hafez Al-Assad, meanwhile enduring domestic discord and the pains of adolescence.

Hot or Not - Jessica Campbell
Amaze all of your friends with your art history prowess! The distinguished Jessica Campbell will be here in person to present her research on Saturday, October 29th. (With Keith Jones!)

The Best American Comics 2016 - Ed. by Roz Chast
If you don't know where to start or you'd prefer to start with all of them, this is the book for you! A beautiful edition and a fantastic selection of some of the most interesting work in comics this year.

TODAY! Raina Telgemeier launches GHOSTS, Thanksgiving Monday, October 10th at 4pm

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly presents : 

Raina Telgemeier's launch of GHOSTS

Presentation followed by a Q+A and author signing
Time: Event at 4pm, doors open at 3pm
Date: Thanksgiving Monday, October 10th 
Location: Rialto Theatre 5723 Av du Parc
Tickets : $5 for adults and up to 2 free tickets for children under 12 with adult purchase
Online ticket sales are now closed, but tickets are still available in-store and at the door!

FREE Adult ticket with book purchase!*

*exclusively from Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - books purchased in other stores are not applicable
To prepurchase the book or for any questions please contact the Drawn & Quarterly bookstore by phone at : 514-279-2224 or via email at :

Facebook RSVP here

Best Books for Fall 2016 –

Best Kids Book for Fall 2016 – Today’s Parent

“…this might be her best yet.” – Booklist, STARRED REVIEW

“…will keep readers emotionally engaged and unable to put down this compelling tale.” – Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

“A can’t miss addition to middle-grade graphic novel shelves.” – School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

“The story is consistently engaging, the plot is tightly built, and—as always—Telgemeier excels at capturing facial expressions…” – Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

New & Notable: Gaspereau Press

Welcome to the bookstore, Gaspereau Press! Founded in 1997 by Andrew Steeves and Gary Dunfield, this small printer and publisher has forged a name for itself through its commitment to quality books, both as physical artifacts and literary works. 

Self-proclaimed "Literary Outfitters & Cultural Wilderness Guides", the Kentville Nova Scotia based team at Gaspereau have struck a balance between function and form, making books that are both beautiful and built-to-last. Thrice named ‘Best Small Press Publisher’ by The Canadian Booksellers’ Association, the press sticks by its philosophy of reinstating the importance of the physical book; their trade paperbacks are Smyth-sewn for strength and flexibility and sport hand-printed jackets on handmade paper. Gaspereau Press uses an unusual mix of techniques & technologies in its book production, ranging from traditional letterpress printing to modern offset lithographic printing using customized digital type. 

An excerpt from Love and the Mess We're In by Stephen Marche

Gaspereau Press takes advantage of the old adage about books and covers: fans of the press know that one comes for the beautiful cover and stays for the brilliant content. The press has attracted a varied cast of renowned authors, including Tim Bowling, Robert Bringhurst, George Elliott Clarke, Don McKay, Carmine Starnino, John Terpstra, Thomas Wharton & Jan Zwicky. Often employing experimental and innovative typography and with a particular focus on works of poetry and fiction, Gaspereau publishes authors that live up to their lavish treatment. Don't just take our word for it, come on by and get your hands on one of these beautiful books! 

Visit the press at

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