Event Recap: Alexandre Trudeau launches BARBARIAN LOST!

An eager crowd filled the beautiful Victoria Hall to see Alexandre Trudeau launch his new book, Barbarian Lost.  He was in conversation with Jeanette Kelly, host of the CBC radio show Cinq à Six, and read an excerpt from a particularly arresting chapter on interviewing a sex-worker.

Trudeau's new book is a traveler's account of what he calls the "New China": a complex and fast moving enigma of a country entangled in tradition and ancient culture. In short, it eludes easy comprehension. As former PM Pierre Trudeau's son, Alexandre was able to visit China repeatedly as a teen, visits which sparked a life-long fascination with the country. Barbarian Lost is an honest, engrossing account of one man's longing engagement with a region, along with an attempt to understand the nation that is a mystery to so many in the West.

Kelly's questions were warm yet driven, allowing Trudeau to dissect his journalistic approach as well as his philosophies on travel. Trudeau opened the evening with some Confucian wisdom, saying that his experience as a traveler has never been about reaching a destination, but rather concerning himself solely with the journey.

Following the conversation was a Q&A—with only one question regarding Trudeau's rather busy older brother—and a signing, which saw the author happily chatting and inscribing for a long line of excited guests!

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