New D+Q: A Walk in Eden

Anders Nilsen's colouring book A Walk in Eden is officially out today, and presents a perfect occasion to take a break from everyday life and enter another world! For this book is no ordinary colouring book...

Its unearthly sceneries are inspired by Victorian scientific and botanical illustrations and if you are familiar with Ernst Haeckel, you will most certainly be able to sense his influence.

Browsing through these pages, one feels like they are taking a relaxing stroll amongst surreal minerals, plants and wildlife.

Escape to this untouched nature, outside of time and space and--wait, is that an air conditioner?

Will you spot all of the items that are hidden throughout the book?

Most of all, can't you wait to give colours and life to these empty landscapes?

Also, don't forget to brag about your masterpiece when you're done!

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